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How important is safety to you and your family?

Learn Defensive Driving Prevention Techniques with certified instructors.

What Does it Mean to be a Defensive Driver?

Being a defensive driver means having the ability to think ahead and to expect the unexpected while on the road, the ability to safely control your speed as you drive, and to always be prepared to face the reactions of surrounding drivers.

This term also refers to the ability to drive safely in differing weather and road conditions and to stay alert and remain distraction free when behind the wheel. All-in-all, a defensive driver is well-equipped to handle the varying factors that can come into play while driving and the ability to be proactive to protect yourself on the road.

Based on this high rate of fatal crashes, in Continental Driving School, we apply very valuable Defensive Driving Prevention Techniques to our teaching program. It helps to prepare the student the best possible way when it comes to driving techniques to help them understand the dangers of everyday driving situations turning them to be a safe collision-free and confident drivers.  

This training program will lead you to recognize common hazards in driving environment, react to prevent collisions by detecting other people's mistakes and learn how to avoid them. It also describes the dangers of impaired driving and to avoid the six most common driving errors - This as being one of the most important part in our teaching program.

We want our students to:

♦ Acquire the skills and knowledge to be a defensive driver 

♦ Recognize common hazards in driving environment and react to prevent collisions 

♦ Describe the dangers of impaired driving

♦ Avoid the six most common driving errors

Defensive Driving means: driving to save lives, time and money, in spite of the conditions around you.

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