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We opened the driving school with mixed emotions

Trying to be different. Focusing on safety. Continental driving School was founded by my dad Luis Gaete and me, his son Ricky. Together we sum 35 and 22 years in the driving education business respectively, proudly covering cities like Santa Clarita cities like Valencia, Saugus, Canyon Country and more...


The purpose of opening our driving school was thought of in seeking to do something different from other places, having two priorities in mind: The first one, to educate scared, intimidated and inexperienced individuals, wanting to learn how to drive safely in a fun, hassle-free and comfortable environment for both the instructor and the student.


The second priority and maybe the most important one, is to integrate safety driving techniques to our teaching program due to the high rate of fatal crashes among teenagers and adult drivers.


After working for so many years in the driving education business, and learning the pro’s and con’s of regular teaching programs, we designed a simple but very effective and complete driving program. It was designed to provide our students with the basics of driving education to the more advanced Defensive Driving Prevention Techniques to turn you (teenager or adult) into a safe, collision free and confident driver.


We are so confident about our program that if you follow it step by step with supervised practice we guarantee and back-up our complete driving education instruction program to your full satisfaction. You will be prepared not only to pass the DMV driving exam, but to acquire the skills and knowledge to be a defensive driver and to recognize common hazards to prevent collisions when facing the real everyday world of driving.


As I opened Continental Driving School, I felt mixed emotions. Unfortunately, my dad, after working so hard, putting all his love and emotions designing this program to make a difference in our student's driving skills and habits, did not make it through. Two months before the grand opening, sadly my dad passed away, not seeing his dream come true. Or maybe he did...


Continental Driving School was finally opened in loving memory of my dad Luis R. Gaete, RIP.

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