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Welcome to Our World!


Thank you for taking interest in our driving school.

Learn the skills and knowledge to be a defensive driver.

In the past year according to reports, 6,000 teenagers between the ages of 15 and 20 were
involved in fatal crashes. Crash statistics indicates that driver errors involving drinking,
distraction, steering techniques, risk taking, visual search/perception were some of the main
causes of fatal crashes involving teens. Please, don’t be another statistical number.

We integrated in our full educational driving program not only the proper basic regular driving
training to pass the DMV exam, but also a more complete Defensive Driving Prevention
Techniques instructional program to make you consciously aware on how you can avoid

Our program will prepare you to:

♦ Acquire the skills and knowledge to be a defensive driver
♦ Recognize common hazards in driving environments and react to prevent collisions
♦ Describe the dangers of impaired driving
♦ Avoid the six most common driving errors
♦ Detecting other people's mistakes, and learn how to avoid them.
♦ Understand the dangers of everyday driving situations.
♦ Will turn you into a safe, collision free and confident driver, and not another
   statistical number.


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Call us now and enroll with us. Please, don't be another statistical number.

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We guarantee and back up our complete driving education program to your full satisfaction.

Thank you.

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