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Do you think paying for driving lessons is too expensive?

Think again!!

We understand it can be tempting to choose a driving school who offers cheap driving lessons, but it’s important to consider a driving school that delivers and makes the best fit for you.


A cheaper rate doesn’t mean that you’ll end up spending less. Choosing the wrong driving school could lead you to into needing more lessons, therefore, spending more money and time in the long run.


Driving is a very serious activity that requires adequate preparation. Without the right training, a new driver is at risk not only by failing the driving exam, but by making the wrong decisions on the road, or even worse, endangering themselves, passengers, and pedestrians. 


Driving instructors have different teaching skills, methods and expertise. Some instructors are better prepared than others. Some will teach only what they believe the student needs, some instructors may not be qualified nor certified, having only the basic driving knowledge, and some will teach what they believe is proportional to how much the student paid.

Searching for driving school who offers cheap driving lessons might not be the best way to find your perfect driving instructors, but that doesn't mean you can't find one at a good price.

In the past year according to reports, 6,000 kids between the ages of 15 and 20 were involved in fatal crashes. This doubles when they ride with other passengers especially if it's with their own peers. This is something parents should be wary about.

Investing in your child's safety by sending them to a driving school like CDS ensures that they will learn and be equipped with driving laws, proper driving techniques, safe driving. In addition to that, they will learn from our certified instructors defensive driving prevention techniques which will decrease immensely their chances of getting into an accident once they start driving. Investing in a good driving school like ours should not be thought of as expensive but as a safety precaution for you and your own children.


It is best if you choose the driving school according to a number of crucial factors such as accreditation, experience, education program, driving instructor, services, among others.

We guarantee and back up our complete driving education instruction program to your full satisfaction.




The next important reason is you could save money on insurance premiums

Insurance companies view teen drivers as being an extreme risk because teens are involved in so many accidents when they first start driving.

That’s why the insurance company may reward you for the driving education by lowering your insurance premiums. This reduced rate can help you save money and ensure your child is safe behind the wheel.

When your child is ready to learn to drive, send them to Continental Driving School The instructors will take the time to teach your child everything they need to know to feel safe when they are behind the wheel. When your child completes the training, they will be ready to take their driving test and should pass with flying colors.

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